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Blacklight IC reading

makes able to read washed-up IC markings

This tip is for who, like me, willy-nilly has to scavenge broken circuits to gain free stuff.

You will need:

  • A blacklight
  • An highlighter
  • A clean, dry and soft cloth
  • Probably a magnifier


All of who ever tried scavenging boards, knows that is not easy to read some of the IC markings, so here is a little tip i use:



We need a blacklight to do so.

Turn on your blacklight and take an highlighter, if it will be very shiny it is the right one.

 When have you found the right one, you have to color all the top of the package of your IC.

After doing this wait for a few minutes, take a little break, we don't neet the blacklight turned on while waiting.

Now softly clean the IC package with a dry and soft cloth, better to do it with blackight turned on, so you can see if you are beginning to see the markings or if you're just cleaning too hard and scraping away all the color.

If you have scraped away the color, you have to redo the painting and waiting stuff.


Then under your blackight you can see:


My photocamera is very crappy, so i'm sorry for bad quality of the photo, however you can see how the markings shines now under the blacklight, making able to read them.

I hope this helps!

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Just remember to protect your eyes accordingly. Long time exposure to UV radiation is not at good at all and can cause serious damage to your eyes. 

You are right, i forgot to mention!

Absolutely avoid to use it for long time, not damages eyes only, but can cause serious skin damage (probably even cancer) in long time!

I think maybe they would work for this also.

Never tried, please let me know!

Also bright blue LEDs works pretty good.

It could also be used to see some important numbers in ICs who has been scraped in factory.