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Mechanics mechanisms for conveyors

I am interesting to know about the mechanics mechanisms that use the conveyors in products lines automations systems.

I am interesting to know more about "span" roller (I am not sure that I wrote "span" correct, I think that this mechanics mechanism have a wheel that stretched) and about roller drive systems, and about others mechanics mechanisms for conveyors and I am interesting to know the different between these different kinds of mechanics mechanisms for conveyors.

I will glad to receive some relevant links.

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I have done a lot of searching on this topic in the past when searching for parts to make tank treads, so I have seen a lot of the stuff you want to know about go by.

That said, we are talking about an incredibly diverse subject here. There are a million different conveyor designs for a million different factories and products. I suppose at its core, you have this:

  • Some kind of chain (or really a loop of chain) on either side of the belt
  • Belt sections --these would need to span from the chain on one side to the other
  • Drive system --I suppose the big thing here is gearing (you want a lot of gearing) --a very slow, torquey motor and geartrain

I think that covers the basics, but again, each conveyor is different. You may need more or less bearings, rollers etc. along the way to keep the belt from sagging. These bearings may need to be bigger or smaller depending on the load applied. There is belt width and material. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.....