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10% off sitewide for Hobbypartz.com and its affiliates.

Hey guys, Hobbypartz and its affiliates are having a 10% off sale sitewide (which is kind of a big deal for us). Grab your servos, batteries, chargers, transmitters, recievers, or even an awesome RC car from NitroRCX. Just use coupon code EASTER10 :)



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That worked - thanks - saved postage and bit more ;-)

Will give it a go, appreciate the quick reply... Stephen
Don't see where to input a coupon code? Doing Paypal, no coupon entry on cart page? Suggestions?

Go to cart, select check out, not the "get paypal info" button. Select use guest account, or register an account with us, and go to the next page. There will be a place for you to get your paypal information on that page, as well as use the coupon code.