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Eagle Walkthrough -- Datasheet to Purple Board


Addendum: Please don't watch my videos.  After Birdmun's comment I found Hack-a-Day has created better videos (shakes fist at Hack-a-Day) and I don't want anyone to waste anyone's time.  Although, mine has a better soundtrack and less mutton-chops :)

Hack-a-Day videos:

  1. Learning Eagle CAD Part 1 -- Schematic & Custom Parts
  2. Learning Eagle CAD Part 2 -- Schematic & Custom Parts (includes making a part)
  3. Learning Eagle CAD -- CAM Processor
  4. Learning Eagle CAD -- Layout


Original: I was speaking with TeleFox and Birdmun about finding an optoisolator for use with my Raspberry Pi; I had gotten some samples of these ICs: ADUM1250ARZ.  Well, for awhile now I've wanted to share my dumb-luck methods for designing a board around a sampled IC.

So here it is, 20mins (sorry).

Hope everyone is well :)

Part 1 -- Making the Part

Part 2 -- Finishing the Part and Making the Board

Finished Eagle Files: ADUM1250ARZ Breakout Board

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It seems there is another option for generating parts for Eagle.

Now we're talking. I'll see if I can get it working. Thank you, sir.

I thought it was written in Python. I was wrong. http://hackaday.com/2013/02/26/taking-the-pain-out-of-making-custom-eagle-parts/

Nice videos by the way.

Sir Codex Keeper Mr. Birdmun,

From now on if I get an idea to do something you will be receiving an email from me asking if it has been done.  :)

And I've decided I will now refer to you as Codex Keeper Birdmun; for surely; your web history refers to all wisdom worthy of knowing.

There is a good reason to know of more than one way to accomplish a task. Maybe you will be able to glean some useful information that will help you become more productive.

I understand you are being factitious to a point. I just don't want to be the one people point to when they are asked why they didn't do or share something. :)

Not factitious at all.  I'm very quixotic about the people I respect.  Which includes pretty much everyone on LMR :)

Of course, you're right.  I watched those Hack-a-Day videos and I didn't hear them talking about printing out the part to see if it was made correctly.  So, that'd be the one thing someone could glean from my videos.  Although, I'm a dad, husband, worker, student, and many other things.  So I was sincere when I stated I don't want anyone to waste their time.  It is really the only natural resource we have. 

I'm still trying to figure out that Perl script :(