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Arduino ESC Issue...

I am currently using an Arrowind ESC and arduino to control a brushless motor. I have a 3 cell zippy lipo for the motor itself, and am using this code: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=ffd52316f6e5e60d8e7ffdec319ae4bc&topic=20594.msg151977#msg151977

However, I can only get the esc to beep, and it attempts to turn the motor for a second it seems but it does not move. It then beeps an error. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


P.S.: I have it set up like this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-eCJRq4AXT6g/TvtZzkNZdAI/AAAAAAAAALw/Pmk506CwbnY/s1600/schematic+Brushless+motor+ESC+LIPO+hexacopter+quadcopter+cuadricoptero+tutorial+how+to+aeromodelismo+helicoptero+RC.png, only to pin 9 instead of 8

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Not sure if this will help or not but looks like some docs for that brand esc... http://brodak.com/files/file/Arrowind%20ESC%20Instructions.pdf

Well, from my limited experience... controlling ESCs via arduino can be quite tricky... or very easy. That will depend mostly on the used ESC.

Take a read of what's going on here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35684

In summary I advise you to use the procedure/code that can be found here:


this way you can iteractively send servo angle values to the ESC and try to discern what the activation/arming values are. However, in the end I found that HobbyKing branded ESC I was using, did not like to conform with the arming  procedure very much when I went on to do it programatically.... it would be hit and miss (I suspect so timing issue). On the other hand I got great success with a Mystery 30A ESC... so much that in the end I've decided to just instead buy another one to replace the HobbyKing one. 

I have seen a number of places mention that 'some' ESCs require a setup sequence to work properly.