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Need sugestions on tires for my robot

Hey everyone, I am building a sumo bot and I want to make the wheels myself out of wood, now, as some of you may allready know, a sumo bot requires good traction and that is something that wooden wheels bring to the table, so here is my question, what are some good things to put on wheels that are like tires.


P.S I have allready thought about using rubber wristbands but as the dimensions of the wheel are 4cm diameter and 1 cm wide, this is not a possibility. 

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I was wondering exactly the same a couple of weeks ago for a little robot with 1" tap washer wheels.

The answer I came up with was the grip-mat ( as Protowrxs mentions) contact adhesived to the wheels.  This is fine for a bit but does tend to pick up dust and will get slippy after a while.  Easy enough to replace though.

I've used Fingertechs Cobra wheels on my last two sumo robots, amazing wheels. Made from polyutherane. Incredibly grippy.

I highly recommend them. You'll certainly have an edge with wheels as grippy as these :)


If you have access to a supplier selling polyutherane for molding you could make your own wheels. Baltic Robot Sumo has a nice article about the process: http://www.balticrobotsumo.org/default.asp?itemID=247&itemTitle=Cast%20your%20own%20TIRES

Sometimes i have used the gum strips used for insulating windows, typically is a very soft gum with a sticky side, just glue it and cut.

Holds very well on smooth floor but after a hundred of fightings you have to change it because it will be consumed.(on a 500 grams robot)

thanks for the sugestions guys but i just remembered that i have mechano wheels that fit what i want exactly

Phone stick to anything stuff... Thats the technical term at least. A seasoned builder (mogul I think?) posted in the SB once about using the sheets of material that they sell to keep your phone on the dash of your car or elsewhere. Would like to see someone test it myself. Its silicone based I'm sure, sticky but not "sticky" stuff.. Just an idea.

I would simply put a rubber band around it. If the wheels are wide, perhaps you could use rubber rings cut from a bicycle inner tube (if those are around where you are.) In lieu of that, pieces of rubber from any source should do. (Plastic can slip on surfaces, but real rubber or a rubbery compound should give good friction coefficient.

Cutting from a balloon would work also, but will wear and break quicker.