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Arduino Esc Update: Armed then (bad) response

I have my esc arming! However, it then dies out when I begin to move the throttle. I arm it at 120, it counts the lipo cells at 130 and 140, and then it responds at 160 by either making a small noise from the motor or having the esc light stay on. No movement though. Being that my esc is quite a few years old, I am starting to think that I need a new one =/ 


The code I am using is: http://www.avrfreaks.net/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=126266

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Well from all that I've read using PWM was unadvised to control ESCs, using the servo library is recommend instead. I've only took a passing glance at the code above but I saw a lot of PWM going on.

Also trying to find the arming instructions for your SPECIFIC ESC might be a good idea. Then try to convert those instructions (usually like make throttle fully ON or fully OFF, connect power, move throttle X) into servo write values... imagine that going throught the range 0-180 corresponds to moving the throttle stick.

A further consideration is that you might want to avoid extremes like, actual 0 or 180... on the link I gave you earlier for the interactive code, setting the ESC to zero would just make my ESC misbehave, so I set my actual minimum to either 5 or 10, as for maximum I never tried above 120 because I did not need that much speed anyway. Also take notice that sometimes "channels are reversed" so 0 might be MAX while 180 might be min.

On my best behaving ESC however values 100 or above would freeze my whole board and sent the motor into crazy spining (had to cut power to stop it) however below 100 (range 50-99) it works very well.

Btw this:


is the ESC I got that gave me no trouble to get started with (just have that over 100 issue -- haven't bothered to check into it)

All in all, what I conclude is that is trial and error.

As for all the beeping sequences you describe be aware that you just might have entered "setup", and arming, calibration and setup are different things, although arming (and calibration are done together or in sequence) setup is usually required just to select stuff like what type of battery pack you're using and other options. They are also typically described in terms of beeps, thus it might be best if you found an instruction manual or something of the sort for your specific ESC, like I told above.