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Fritz - A Robotic Puppet

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Well, I have just come here to show the OddBot's project too. I have seen Fritz on engadget and thought that OddBot made it then logged in to lmr and saw this.

Btw, I have been a member for about 4 years, and THIS is my first post.

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Well, member since April 2013 and the first post is the link to the kickstarter campaign. That's so un-cool. However, I doubt that you will find backers here since we are here to build our own stuff.

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I think you may have been better served by maybe mingling around a bit and meeting some folks before trying to hawk your stuff.

I have a feeling that the guys are not going to go easy on you, dude.  (but I could be wrong --what the hell do I know)

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Nope, I can definately say that we've not seen your robot before. It is really cool!!

I looked through your 38 robots (wow, you've been busy) but didn't see the one that you posted above.

Nice structure, would love to see it in something non-transparent as its hard to see the actual face (didn't really notice the nose right away). Thanks for your reply!


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It is a wee bit suspect indeed. 

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I can't help but feel you guys copied my product:

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I like xyzbot's design. The GUI is nice too. I don't think it's a copy of your design, Oddbot. Only two examples:



I think we should respect the work of each others. We're brothers in (robot) arms :)