Let's Make Robots!


My first bipod i have been working on will add as i go. well its actually my first 2.0 it started of out of jumbo popsicle sticks lol

The video is a servo torq to leg weight test. sketchy code. 

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You biped looks darn cool! Those metal parts looks really useful, where did you get it from?

Thanks for sharing!

there actually cheap/ off brand of erector set i came across. i realy like them. 

Off brand you say? I think I've actually seen this in Toys R' Us. I have standard erector ofr my bots, but that's really cool. Neat idea.

Looks really good, The video says it's private though.

Yeah, would love to see the video but it's set as "private". Dustin can you set it to "public" so that we can all admire it?

I think i changed the video setting i didnt know setting privite there would also do the same here. thanks 

It seems you fell down before the camera started rolling :)

Nice video, Looks like a smooth walk/swim. I really like how the frame came out.

i was using my phone an she came out side ways like that, but it was just a weight test, like ol boy said the weight of the legs vs the torq of the servo was one of them issues i knew was ganna be waiting around the corner for me, but so good so far. thanks for checkin it out.