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Navigates tight areas and broadcast a video from a mounted IPCam

Glad I found this site.. Although I've been building robots of the LEGO and DIY sort for some time, this is my first post here. Sometimes, robot ideas come to me out of necessity or just for the sake of saying "I did it"... In this case, I have some nasty creaking noises that started when my heating system kicks in and warms the cold tin ducts/piping. I wanted to build a bot that I could control remotely, but I also needed to see what it sees. Thus was born IPCamBot. After I got all the bits together for the robot, I then focused on how I was going to control it.  There are a number of apps out there to do this, but none (from what I found) also allowed the user to view a stream from an IP Camera.  Long story short, I decided to create BT Bot Control. It's an Android app that you can use to control your robot over Bluetooth. If you have an IPCam, it will also allow you to see what it sees. (Details in links provided). I admit that this is somewhat of a plug, but I am very happy with the app and what it allows me to do with IPCamBot and felt that others could benefit as well.

More pics a video, and details can be found on my blog posting.

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Thanks for sharing your BT Bot Control app. It didn't take me too long (failed attempt at using a bluetooth dongle with my Arduino Mega ADK aside) to get something up and running and once I saw it was viable I didn't hesitate to buy the Pro app. I'll have a play with the arduino code (improve the implementation for my specific setup and perhaps make use of the extra buttons) and post about it here (about time I uploaded a new robot).

Thanks again.

Thanks for the postive comments, and for going Pro.