Let's Make Robots!


Picks and drops things.

My first robot, only uploaded later. It was uploaded earlier also, but it somehow disappeared. Well, it can pick up small light-weight things and place them somewhere else. Got lot of ideas from brother, cousin brother and of course the internet.

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I like how you thinking, also the re-use materials, you are a smart a tricky engineer !

I am learning programming in Processing. I think that should help me to connect a joystick later.

i like this... keep it up... ...



i like this... keep it up... ...



I like very much robots made by "waste materials". I have a lot of waste material at home and I never made something cool like this with them. Keep on the nice working!

I can't resist waste. Cheap good quality technology.

Great example of engineering with recycled and basic materials. It works well too. Next you need to find a way to control your motor speed so that it is not just full on or off.

Thank you. I agree that I should try to do that next.

This is a great robot. I love the push button remote (though I think you need something with proportional control).

I was really cool to see the squares being lifted up to drop in the cup. I wasn't expecting that.

You need to learn to use a joystick. You bot needs proportional control instead of have motors being either full on or full off.

A Wii Nunchuck makes a nice little contoller and it's relatively easy to use.

Thanks for posting this.