Let's Make Robots!

Mini Maker Faire ShenZhen 2013

Maker Faire has once again come to ShenZhen, China thanks to Seeed Studio. Unfortunately I was only there for about 9 hours on the first day. I'm sorry I have not documented this very well, I was at the DAGU table most of the day. I have now added photos from my friends camera's as well.

I think Maker Faires, even Mini Maker Faires are something that cannot be explained with a few photos and videos. You really need to be there to truely appreciate them.

Make Magazine is published in Taiwan so there were Chinese versions available for sale.

As expected there were a lot of 3D printers there. I did not focus on them too much as they were basically copies of original designs.

There were of course lots of robots.The kind that moved...

The kind with cameras for eyes...

The kind that were solar powered...

There were little bots and big bots.

There were bots made from blocks..

and those that just sat around looking cool.

There were thing you can wear in your hair, well... , maybe...

Things to charge your phone with....

Things you can play music with and then eat later.

LED cubes..

Arduino Shields..

and.... well, your guess is as good as mine what this does.

There were also a few copters about. A very small quadcopter was buzzing around during the day like an oversized mosquito, occasionally crashing into people and displays. A larger ballcopter also flew around a bit ande scared a few people when it crashed into them.

Fortunately a rather large hexcopter never got off the table, with no protective guards on it's 6 large blades, an ambulance would be required if it had taken off.

This year DAGU did not have a big display, we had Doodle Bot demonstrating it's writing skills and EnviroBot would reach out to people walking by. I had disabled his 6WD chassis to stop him driving off of the table and crashing into people but the children loved to play with him and one little girl wanted to know why he had eight eyes. I definitely need to put a camera on his head between the ultrasonic sensors to video people playing with him. Sometimes the kids can be quite funny.

Unfortunately we were only there for 1 day and the Arduino Team would not be there until the next day. Oh well, maybe next year.



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Do you have any info about 2014?

Sorry, I'm not sure if DAGU is even going this year.

That's OK, basically I'm just testing if your profile is getting notified when I answer this post :)

 Nice pics and vids. Thanks for sharing!

The linear rails rig -the one that looks like one axis of a cnc is a camera rig. It is used to smoothly sweep a camera from one place to another. --The only reason I know this is because Thingiverse has about 30 of these. Of course the printed thingiverse versions are all more like skateboards but the concept is the same I suppose.

Yeah, I guessed it was something like that but the maker was away at the time so I could not ask him.