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Dagu Playful Puppy Robot

Hi, i have bought the Dagu Puppy Robot and built it according to instruction manual. But the hip and feet movings doesn't follow the code. Even if i put the command "return;" in the main loop, the servos still move randomly (please check the video clip).

In the video clip i've plugged out all pins except one for test purposes.

Connecting LEDs to the 8 pins and with suitable code the board works fine. Could anyone help me please?

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Thank you for the reply. I've used a power-supply unit instead of the batteries and didn't check the current. I'am going to try it with a better power-supply unit or just with batteries.

If you want to use a power supply then I suggest a 6V supply with at least a 3A rating. The slightly lower voltage will make the servos last longer and cause them to draw less current.

Thats whats i'am looking for. Thanks for the tip!

Hi. I've bought a power supply with recommend voltage. It works fine now. But i hear a noise from one of the servo when the robot is not moving. What could be the reason? Did i fit one of the servos too fit?

It is possible to over tighten one of the longer screws that go into the servo shaft. When that happens it can hit the pot shaft and move the pot out of position. It is easily fixed. Just pull the servo apart gently so as not to break any wires and push the pot back into place. Then reassemble.

Oh ok. i'll try to fix it. Thanks for the quick reply!

As it says on the first page of the manual "Good quality NiMh or NiCd batteries must be used!"

You can see the D13 led (blue) flashing every time the robot resets. This is because your power supply is rated at less than 4A. Normally when the robot is walking it might draw 2-3A but you should have a power supply or batteries that can deliver 4A to allow for surges such as when the robot jumps.