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Anbot - a vision based micro robot

Hello everyone!

I just joined LMR and sharing my current robot in progress, called Anbot. It's a vision based micro robot. Following is a bit of details.

The hardware will have:

  • Track based locomotion
  • Battery box (4x AAA)
  • SN754410 motor controller
  • PIC18F26K20 micro
  • MRF24J40MA Zigbee/wireless
  • JPEG camera

Offboard hardware will also include:

  • A Zigbee remote controller
  • A Zigbee Raspberry Pi gateway for connecting to home router

Features it will have:

  • Will be connected to home network and internet via the gateway
  • Can be controlled from the PC, Phone or iPad via internet. Camera can be turned on and off. Photo will be shown on PC/iPad.
  • Can send out JPEG image (VGA) continuously
  • Will have autonomous line following mode
  • Will have autonomous shape/direction following mode.

I'm maintaining this blog to show step by step progress: http://kontroller.blogspot.co.uk/

I hope to make a good progress by this month. I appreciate your ideas, comments and suggestion.

Please let me know what do you think of this robot. Have a great time!


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Great project man! And where did you get those awesome looking tracks?



Thanks! I took the base and tracks from Deskpets Tankbot. Awesome indeed.

Cool project, we need more internet controlled robots :-)

What camera are you going to use?

Oh, welcome to LMR!!!

Many thanks! We need more connected and vision based robots indeed. I'm using the C328 camera module which has an Omnivision VGA sensor and Uart interface.

Ok, I see.

Please also post more details, closeups and of course the manantory video that we can see this little guy running.

You know about the video rules, do you? Ok here it is....every robot and especially these cute cool robots needs to come with a video. No video, no worshipping ;-)

How about I setup a live streaming and let you control the robot (over the net)? :) Plenty of photos and videos are coming up! Thanks for the inspiration!

Yeah, that's the spirit...give us some control :-)

Nice bot! Where did you get the base?

Thanks! I took the base and tracks from Deskpets Tankbot.

Sorry for the font.. tried to copy my msg using phone.. :)