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Segwino Balancing Robot

Balancing Robot

My balancing robot with dsPIC33FJ128MC802 , 2xencoder hardware, + ARM stm32f3 discovery board with gyro and accelerometer (arm process kalman).

Motor: EMG30

Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino


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It's begging to carry a teacup on top of it :D

Nice robot. Very stable. Are you using the 350RPM motors? Works great with the RC control.

I've seen very stable bots that would fall from driving over a powercord. Driving off the street curb and maintaining itself is VERY impressive.

really awesome bot, one of the most stable that i have ever seen.

In the first video, i see you are controlling it with something like a RC car's remote and your computer is showing roll angle, encoder and motor speeds etc. what are you using for communication between your PC, remote and the robot? and that aeroplane inspired UI looks really cool! :)

For control robot I use zigbee (xbee 900) mounted on the robot.

In PC I use xbee 900 and a software for telemetry.

And for outdoor control, I use a R/C DX8 and the receiver is connect to arduino and arduino have a xbee to send command up down left right at robot

Could you make it sort of a motorcycle? I mean place one wheel in front of the other, not size by size.

I think so, it would take a flywheel with a certain mass that exploits the rotary motion.

the centrifugal movement is controlled by a PWM control


Very nice work. Can you share your STM32f3 code ? I'm working on the same board and I need to calculate the yall pitch and roll.

Hi, STM32F3 process only kalman filter, this code is https://github.com/TKJElectronics/KalmanFilter