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hack servo for continuous rotation

hai im trying to hack VTS-08b vigro servo ....the problem i face is the main spindle of servo is  resting on the pot with a slot....i removed the stopping block in the gear....,if i glue it the gear resting on the pot will not move
but what to do with pot

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I used to use the resistor method but I switched to using multi-turn trim pots so I could adjust the sero point in hardware rather than software.

@vikirobot, Is the servo part of the rotation mechanism? Can it be removed and the final gear still rotate?

If your servo is like the one in the link ossipee posted then you'll need to either use a separate pot for zeroing or use two resistors as suggested by ossipee. The wires from the old pot will need to soldered to the new pot (or resistors).

It seems like most servo pots I've tested have been 5K but I've hear on good authority that 10K pots will also work. I have a bag of 2.5K resistors I use for CR servos but I think as long as the resistors in in the general areo of 2.5K to 5K they should work (but both resistors need to be the same value). It's not the actual resistance that's important but the voltage at the center tap.

@ossipee, Thanks for the link to the CR micro servo mode. I hadn't seen that one before.

Some folks like to glue the pot in place set at zero, I prefer the pair of resistors only takes an extra minute.



Set at center sorry