Let's Make Robots!

Something to keep your brain lubricated

This isn't robot related, but it's something to keep your brains flexible and well lubricated.


The programming, and sound.... just fantastic.

This also works as a good distraction when trying to work on your 'bot ;)

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Thanks for the warning Oddbot!

Will - Go - To - Work - Now -

that was really nice, especially for the graphics and the concept! But i had to do my homework so i stopped at the spring stage...hope my progress was saved somehow :)


Yes they got saved! ...but spring is so hard 

aww..finished already 

Yeah, you were right near the end.

I'm excited to see more of this, before I work on circuits or anything, I always do a few puzzles like this. Really gets my brain working and am more able to find new ways to solve problems :)