Let's Make Robots!

I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going.

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Now how to mount it to the chassis of my existing bot....




...and guessed right away who the poster was :P

It was pretty "tame" the video news :P Also yeah the interesting part here would be how to 3D such a flexible structure at home, not that's I'm looking to produce Hentai props, or something. I actually should be taking a "sabatical" ... :|

damn thats a creepy video!

im not gonna sleep well tonight :(

There was a link in the shout box of few days ago about flexible plastic for 3D printers. IIRC it required a hotter extruder than other planstics.

I saw some cool elephant trunk type robot not too long ago that used the same principle. The trunk had at least nine balloons rather than just three. I think each section was shorting than the one shown in the video but then the stacked the sections on top of each other so it could make S shapes and such.