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NEMA17stepper 6.8USD/pc, pulley&belt and more for Robotics

We are manufacturer of stepper motors and threaded rod stepper motors.
NEMA 17 stepper motor 40mm long 0.4N.m/56oz.in price at 6.8USD/pc.
And we machine GT2 20Teeth pulley for 3d printer price at 2USD/pc.
LM8UU linear bearing 0.6USD/pc
608zz/ABEC-5 ball bearing 0.3USD/pc
SKYPE: robotdigg

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I will be happy to post all that information after I recieve the samples. 

What is the nominal voltage of the steppers, and, how much current do they require? 1.5A+ would push the limits of the typical stepper drivers that many people are using. Also, a 12v stepper at 12v will be slower than a 3v stepper at 12v.

We have had a lot of folks come here and claim that the products they sell are good ones and they have all come short.

Are your steppers actually 56oz/in? --or are they just 48oz/in motors with different labels? Also, the pulleys you have, have they been properly molded?

I am very skeptical. 

There is good news though! I was instructed to tell you that you have been selected to have your products tested by Rocket Brand Studios! This is a very rare opportunity for you guys and I would not wait to take advantage of it. Having Rocket Brand Studios test and review your product can do nothing but increase your sales. --There are a lot of 3d printer people out there that need parts and Rocket Brand Studios is your bridge to these people.

Please!! Send an email to rocketbrand@gmail.com and let them know you want them to review your steppers. --Mention in the email that "Chris" sent you. They will furnish you with an address where you can send the parts for review. --A minimum sample order is normally 3-4 units of each item you want reviewed and tested.