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New natural rubber tires from DAGU

When DAGU first produced the “Magician” series of low cost robot chassis’s we used a wheel commonly available in the market. It turned out that the tire was actually cheap PVC plastic and had a nasty habit of bowing in the middle. This tire had poor grip on most surfaces.

So now DAGU has produced a tire made from more expensive natural rubber. This natural rubber tire has far superior grip on all surfaces. The tire has a soft foam rubber center that helps the tire keep the correct shape and provide soft but firm suspension.

These wheels do cost a bit more because the natural rubber is relatively expensive and they have the foam rubber insert but the difference in traction, particularly on smooth surfaces will really make a difference when using encoders.

All Magician chassis's now come with these wheels as standard and they can also be bought in packs of 2 either from our distributors or directly from Claudia.