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This is M.I.A., a simple humanoid robot platform.

M.I.A. Basic Specifications



  • Arduino Mega


  • Custom made shield
  • Screw terminal for battery connection
  • Low dropout voltage regulator LM2940 for microcontroller, EMIC 2 text-to-speech module, color sensor, LED eyes/mouth, Sharp IR distance sensor, LCD and PS/2 keyboard
  • 6V voltage regulation for servos by voltage drop diode array
  • Pin header connectors for 4 servos
  • Pin header connector for Sharp IR distance sensor
  • EMIC 2 text-to-speech module
  • Reset push button


  • 2 DOF (pan/tilt)
  • RGB LED eyes
  • LED mouth
  • Small custom made LED driver PCB 


  • Color sensor based on TCS 3200 with collimating lens
  • Sharp IR distance sensor
  • Connector for PS/2 keyboard

Output devices:

  • Loudspeaker 8Ω, 0.5W/EMIC 2 text-to-speech module
  • 16x2 serial LCD blue


  • 2 modified HITEC HS645MG servos
  • 2 Lynxmotion servo wheels - 2.63" x 0.35"
  • 2 Caster wheels


  • 7.2V/3200 mAh/NiMH

M.I.A. is completely open source. I will publish the Gerber files for manufacturing the shield and the LED driver PCB later, the sketchup 3-D drawing is already attached. Currently I am building a prototype of M.I.A. and developing example codes.

Shield PCB prototype:

Robot prototype:

After development is finished I might try to sell M.I.A. as a kit and support a public welfare foundation with the proceeds (for instance cancer research).

The assembly instructions are listed on the end of this post


Assembly Instructions


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viswesh713's picture

i like it sir.

Did you use SolidWorks? nice work!!

MarkusB's picture

Thanks. I am using Solid Works as well, but the drawings are made with sketchup

GroG's picture

Hello MarkusB,

I've been away for a while, what a delight to see what you have been creating !  
The detailed sketchup & documentation is tremendous.   Where is the video of this little guy ?
Any plans to use wireless?
And what about the MAAHR project?  Would you like the MAAHR brain back?  Maybe this guy could benefit from a second brain in a trailer?   I've started building a 3d printer to build the top half of an InMoov to put on a wheelchair base - (a possible home for the MAAHR brain) ... amazing how long this is taking me :(  

Nice to see another great MarkusB project ... Video !

MarkusB's picture

Hello GroG,

No video yet as I have not finished to program the little guy. I have a wireless PS2 controller, so I could remote the robot, yes.

I have not forgotten the MAAHR project and would still like to back it. Please keep the brain. I see, you still work on it. If you need help, let me know. Have you started to print or is the printer still not finished? Video!

GroG's picture

The Printers not finished, but its coming along... :)

Junkster's picture

plz post a video of it functioning. Your bot looks much better than your original plan. Great !

Junkster's picture

I like the face soooooooooooooo much. If U permit, some day I would like to make a similar version of it.

MarkusB's picture

You're very welcome to do so. It's open hard/software...

Junkster's picture

regarding the lcd, is it necessary to type data in a specific format? Or the brain of the robot actually understands English? The bot looks awesome. I was thinking of making an insect bot with lcd. Your one, which is of course well ahead of my idea, reminded me that. Looking forward to the finished stuff.