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A stumbling bumbling attempt at a 3D printer

Well this is my attempt a building a 3d printer, I am blaming TinHead for the whole thing, perhaps with some blame beeing focused on CtC as well and let me state here Chris and Tinhead were both a great source of encouragement and help in this on going project. The whole journey started with my seeing Tinheads build of bumble bee  http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32879

it was just to cool and then he built this http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32879 with it and I was hooked, so I posted a forum question about were to start, birdmun and Tinhead both reccomended I speak to fellow member Frankneon as he was very knowledgable about printing, this was a fantastic piece of advice, Frank this would could never have happened with out your help. So I sent Frank a pm thinking hey I like the looks of the MendelMax alot lets me see what that would take. Frank offered to print the printed parts and help me source the steppers and other bits for about any printer I wanted, he also pointed me at rostock, it was love a first sight, I just could not get enough of the way it moved. So rostock it was to be Frank gave me a great price, but do to a slow work enviroment, some of you know I do HVAC&R and with the housing market here in Maine very slow since the bubble burst a few years ago I needed to do it on a payment program, basicaly I split it into 3 payments over a couple of months.

So I ordered my first batch of parts, it was about this time hoff decided he wanted to build a printer, very lucky time for me as hoff has got some great skills!

So got some parts

So got some more parts

The quality of Frankneons parts printing is outstanding.

So time to start building lots of  little screw and nuts the tips of my fingers got sore

The above was a jig I made for glueing rostocks arms at the correct lenght of 250mm

Rostock belt tensioner, works great

motors and belts on

Next thing to do was wire it all up I got my stepper motor wires crossed but with a little help from hoff got my problems in that department sorted

hoff blog is here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35078 and he does a great job of exsplaining steppers

End switches, on the rostock you will spend alot of time tinkering with this adjustment, its how the machine centers it self

looking good I thought, down loaded the rostock software both marlin and pronterface from the rostock wiki I am ready to go right, well No, it won't move big problems I am getting frustrated, them birdmun pops into shout box and says you installed python too right, ok so I need a big snake to run  this thing :|, but a quick googles and I dowm load that too! so next is to move it around test it a bit, well in pronter face it moves up and down but not side ways, Oss talk it moves on z axis but not on x and y axises.

So back to googles and I find repetier http://www.repetier.com/download/

For some reason this control softwaare is easier for me to use load it up and boom move on the z axis, move it one the x and y and it goes nuts tries to print off the print surface. I almost threw it out the window at this point, I am so close but alas no love :(

 I took a couple weeks off and away from the project. Came back to it and did some adjusting of my slicer setting and oh my, I am not printing but I am squirting plastic \o/

well lets start tweeking exstruder steps in marlin

some more tweeking and

Still pretty sloppy but almost workable lets tweek some more and get a little crazy

still sloppy but hey getting better

and pretty soon I built a bot not perfect but workable and kinda cute, the bot is mini skybot from thingiverse


So now I am thinking hey your a very talented person just like Frits keeps telling you, but then this starts to happen

prints pretty good for a while then kinda jumps off its tracks

well it turns out I needed to cool my ramps board, Frankneon was the first to figure that out with an assist from JerZ

this is bob by our own K120189 http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35865

Thanks to all that helped and inspired, to name a few Frankneon, hoff, birdmun, CtC, jinx, JerZ, and TinHead who I hold responsible for this mess that has become an addiction.

Lots more to do install heated bed clean a mess of wires, tune it even better and of coarse take some better full size photo's.


ossipee :D


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I see you did your homework Mr Unkle Yipee :D Well done!


P.S. - I want to join the club too :,(

Looking  nice man:) 


I'm very jealous, sir. Is it just for bot building? Or will it give an edge in the the HVAC world? You should be down here in Texas; those of your profession have wine and women lain before their feet at every turn.