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Single Axis Solar Tracker

Single axis solar tracking, battery charging, time record based output and compass alignment features
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INTRODUCTION This project is being purpose to utilize the solar panel to its maximum potential. As we knows that solar energy is based on light density, time and temperature but in this project the temperature analysis is ignored. The design use to monitor the output voltage we obtain from solar panel and determines the operating functional that will deliver that maximum amount of power available to the batteries. NOVELITY Implementation of voltage sense comparison as rotating the solar panel to determines the maximum voltage position. The project divided into 4 sub-part Stepper Motor Microcontroller (Timer, ADC) Charge controller Solar panel Based on these sub-part, best location can be found vary with time and light density. INNOVATION AND SCIENTIFIC VALUE Able to track the maximum voltage possible for solar panel. Charge controller that capable to charge the battery. Timer that’s functional the main tracking system based on specific time. COMMERCIALISATION This design able to improve the solar station efficiency as comparing with most of the solar tracker in the market which are using various sensors to detect. A best solution for low cost and efficiency


Mechanical design