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wild thumper build help

can i build the wild thumper robot using the arduino uno .also can anyone tell me the ideal hardware to be purchased to use it.i really want to use it prperly.just which processor and other hardware list would be much appreciated.


thanks in advance

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icould you give me the list of hardware you used in the videos please

icould you give me the list of hardware you used in the videos please

Ok, this is the Wild Thumper controller. Click on the photo to see the instruction manual.

You can use other motor drivers but they need to be rated for at least 15A per channel for the 6WD and 10A per channel for the 4WD. This controller uses an ATmega168 with the Arduino bootloader and sample code pre-installed. The sample code can be easily modified or completely replaced using the Arduino IDE depending on your needs. As this controller can also drive servos and monitor sensors it can be used as the robot's brain and not just a motor controller.

The high power switch is based on two Pch FETs wired in parallel and can handle as much as 60A with suitable heatsinking. Normally this switch uses the aluminium body of the Wild Thumper as a heatsink.If the on board switch is left in the "off" position then the switch can be controlled by an external switch mounted else where on the robot or from a logic level signal (3.3V or 5V) from the controller.

This allows possibilities such as using a "momentary on" push button to turn the robot on. When the controller receives power it can then drive an output pin high to keep the robot on when the button is released. This allows the robot to turn itself off after it has recharged it's battery or when it has finished it's task. Click on the photo to see the instruction manual.

When the switch is mounted at the rear of the robot as shown then it is well protected by the chassis but still easy to access.


Here you can see the complete setup on our 4WD chassis.

Here you can see a similar setup with the 6WD chassis. In this case I have two battery packs in parallel to increase the run time.

Hope this helps.




The Wild Thumper 6WD chassis needs a motor driver that can handle at least 15A per channel. If you use a Wild Thumper motor controller then you get the motor controller with an Arduino 168 built in. You also get a LDO 5V regulator that can deliver up to 5A and can power servos directly from the motor controller. You will also need a power switch rated at 30A. The High Power switch from DAGU can easily handle this high current and can be controlled remotely from a logic output or external switch. If you use I2C then you can make your UNO the master and the Wild Thumper controller your slave.

Wow! I can't seem to find the manual either! --More weird...  Could you please post a link to the manual as well? Thanks