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Control CD-Rom Steppers from within Blender

Hi all,

I am complete new to this topic but I want to use stepper-motors from old cd-drives to control them from within blender.

I have searched trough the Forum and other Sides quiet a lot but I still do have a lot of questions.

First one is: Why exactly do I need an Arduino-Board (or similar) to control the Steppers? The CD-Drive can Eject a CD without a Arduino already. Isn’t there a possibility to use the Hardware from the CD-Drive as it is? For example: Can’t I just write a Phyton-Script in Blender witch tells the Computer to “Eject” the CD-Drive to control the Motor?

If this is not possible: What is the cheapest way to control for example 9 Steppers independently from within Blender?

Kind regards,


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You can write a python script that does it, like this for windows: http://code.activestate.com/recipes/180919/

or this:

import ctypes
import time

ctypes.windll.winmm.mciSendStringW("set cdaudio door open", None, 0, None)
ctypes.windll.winmm.mciSendStringW("set cdaudio door closed", None, 0, None)

or you can see some more methods here:


At first, I thought you just had bad English, and wanted to control motors inside A blender. Probably a little sad, but I laughed for a bit after I found what you really meant.

yes, it’s the open-source program :) and by the way: sorry for my bad english. thank you very much, for your replies. i am interested in kinematic architecture and i want to build some moveable models. i’m am just experimenting and can’t explain exactly, what i’m going to do ;) but i’m going to by a arduino motor shield now and check it out. there is a tutorial on the arduino page. thank’s very much again!

kind regards,



Probably the easiest method to control 9 stepper motors from cd-rom drivers within blender is to write a new import loop, just like the coders did for ribbon blenders, basically by using the "set cdaudio door open"" and the "set cdaudio door closed" operators with a certain delay in between. For more fun you could attach a digital dial to control the delay and thus the speed of the motors between revolutions. What do you plan to use it for anyway?