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eagle cad board

So i made a atmega 328 board on eagle but I am getting some errors could you guys check it.

anshuluino1.brd58.27 KB
anshuluino1.sch109.44 KB

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I made a better one I think this one is it could you check it once extensively thank you for your unlimited patience.

here is the download link 


I attached the new ones

Ok looks like you are getting there. No errors in electrical rules check. Just warnings about no values on parts which as I've said before is only a convenience for you when assembling the board and maintaining it. Probably best you do add them.

In board view you have a couple of minor errors regarding distances between vias and the edge of the board. Easily fixed by lengthening the board a little.
Sensor 3 silkscreen is on the bottom layer instead of the top like the others. Go into options... user interface and check always vector font and persistent in this drawing to eliminate another warning. Had to google that one haven't come across it or if I have I'd forgotten.

There's somethin strange going on with missing wires on led2 and the servo connectors. They look right in schematic but they are missing in board view. It's late I can't figure it out I'll have a look when I'm fresh again. Plus theres a couple of issues with J1 and rx tx in the top layer.

for the missing wires delete the polyogons and press ratsnest and even after fixing everything the errors are still there. but do you think the routing is correct and the traces also. The board is for the robot hand that does what you do with a special glove on. i got the whole thing working on breadboard. And you are proably confused that there is no ftdi. i took it off since I just have to program it once, ireplaced it with a 3 pin header (rx.tx,reset) to program it. 

   I made the board in eagle ill give the brd file could you guys make sure if nothing will short.

I also wanted to know if I could place a ground plane on the top layer and a 5v plane on the bottom layer.



There are parts missing from the board that you have in the schematic. What happened? I'm thinking you accidently deleted them.
I'd suggest delete the board file and start again. The practice will be good.
If it gives you a warning "this change cannot be done in board view go back to the schematic". Listen!

thats weird i didnt change anything but ill upload the schematic and board again also do you think the 5v regulator is needed cause ill always be using 4.8 volts and if needed I can make an offboard regulator.

And also instead of the ftdi basic header ill just put a header for tx,rx,5v,gnd,reset and ill connect those headers to the arduino board i have so( to program it) so i dont need to spend money on a ftdi basic.

Could you tell me what you think.

I already did autorouting and ratsnest but it is the same

oh cool thanks is that the only problem also when i see the board file of the schematic there are so many wires coming from the positive terminal also any tips to decrease amount of wires.

That was the only issue that brought up 5 errors all cleared when I deleted your sparkfun regulator and used the 78XXL from v-reg library.
It also had a heap of warnings that you hadn't given a value to resistors and capacitors etc. Not too important, but does help you when assembling your board to know what value goes where.

The initial view of the board generated from the schematic always looks messy. Have you pressed autoroute yet so the traces are generated?
If you don't like how the autorouting has run a particular wire then you can delete it and manually route it. If in the process you change the circuit so that it's wrong it will let you know.