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eagle cad board

So i made a atmega 328 board on eagle but I am getting some errors could you guys check it.

anshuluino1.brd58.27 KB
anshuluino1.sch109.44 KB

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Drop the sparkfun regulator and use the 78XXL from the v-reg library. Incorrectly named pin is causing the error. That is the easiest way to eliminate the error. Or just ignore it.
If you must keep with the sparkfun part then you have to edit the Ouput pin to PWR and name it +5v.

oh cool thanks is that the only problem also when i see the board file of the schematic there are so many wires coming from the positive terminal also any tips to decrease amount of wires.

That was the only issue that brought up 5 errors all cleared when I deleted your sparkfun regulator and used the 78XXL from v-reg library.
It also had a heap of warnings that you hadn't given a value to resistors and capacitors etc. Not too important, but does help you when assembling your board to know what value goes where.

The initial view of the board generated from the schematic always looks messy. Have you pressed autoroute yet so the traces are generated?
If you don't like how the autorouting has run a particular wire then you can delete it and manually route it. If in the process you change the circuit so that it's wrong it will let you know.

No in the board view there are so many wires connected to a component which should have only one or two

That is most likely because they have the same net name, like +5v. It doesn't matter at all. It doesn't mean there's any errors. If you haven't pressed autoroute yet then you couldn't possibly know what I mean. Post the .brd file if after autorouting you still believe there are some issues.

I already did autorouting and ratsnest but it is the same

   I made the board in eagle ill give the brd file could you guys make sure if nothing will short.

I also wanted to know if I could place a ground plane on the top layer and a 5v plane on the bottom layer.



There are parts missing from the board that you have in the schematic. What happened? I'm thinking you accidently deleted them.
I'd suggest delete the board file and start again. The practice will be good.
If it gives you a warning "this change cannot be done in board view go back to the schematic". Listen!

thats weird i didnt change anything but ill upload the schematic and board again also do you think the 5v regulator is needed cause ill always be using 4.8 volts and if needed I can make an offboard regulator.

And also instead of the ftdi basic header ill just put a header for tx,rx,5v,gnd,reset and ill connect those headers to the arduino board i have so( to program it) so i dont need to spend money on a ftdi basic.

Could you tell me what you think.

I attached the new ones