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The "Hand of PI": Raspberry PI and PICAXE 18M2 Robot Hand Controlled via Twitter

Tweet to @OurCatDoor and the "Hand of PI" reacts.

Full build page (with source) at: http://whiskeytangohotel.com/handofpi You can control the "The Hand of PI" by sending a tweet to @OurCatDoor. If your tweet includes any of the text below, the "Hand of PI" obeys your command. Valid commands are (lowercase): one (holds up one finger) peace (shows the two finger peace sign) three (three fingers up) hookem (if you are a Texas Longhorn fan this one makes sense) fist (the Hand of PI gets ready to fight) open (ready for a 'high five') finger (well... this will be the most tweeted command) Go ahead, try it!!! Send a tweet command to @OurCatDoor to let us know you were here.