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Flora -an interactive flower

Interacts with you,

After I heard that poeple like robot with a bit of character, over those which didn't have any (oo CHARACTERLESS!!),I decided to build a robot. Just then I saw the concept of livebots,and this new idea of a flower hit my mind. There are six servos (largest in number I've used so far). one for the petals open-close, two for the neck movements,two for two leaves,and one for the waist.. here are some pics.

At first,there were no "hands". Later I added two of them as leaves...

My new weapon,ta da!

Little dear Micro magician.


The petal opening-closing mechanism

You can watch and control it live at http://livebots.cc/Robot/View/66 .

I can only keep it online at night (IST 2AM to 7AM) due to low bandwidth. However, I am trying hard to get up at 2AM. :D


There's no video till now,but I shall upload one soon. Sorry for the low res images...



........I have uploaded the video.....and I have also written an instructables on flora......here is the link


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you surely are a genius...with every project of yours, my respect for you increases.

Just a suggestion but why don't you turn this into a kit so that kids could assemble it with their dad.

Well Dipanjan you got one fan more :-) My colleague Flora. I showed her the video and she loves it. 

OddBot is right, you need to give us a full build report :-) I also want to re-build it at home with my little daughter.

Thanks Lumi ! I have written an instructable on flora,and have also given the link at the end of this post. Do check it.

Haha, yeah...i saw it after writing my comment but did not want to change it afterwards :-)


hi dipanjan

  this is very  good  robot........why don't you try adding some voice stuff like that the bot will greet when you come front of it.

yes Viki,I also thought about it,but I don't have any voice module.I was trying to play music from the SD card via Arduino,but it is too low,and the quality is not that good. well,I am working on that,lets see if I can make something... thanks for your comment.

This is just beautiful, Dipanjan!

Thank you Markus ! I am glad you liked it.

Congratulations Dip.

Thats original enough to get me to log on and post.

When my daughter was younger she would have said "Sooo cute".

She might even say the same thing these days but I'm not going to forward it to her (just in case).

Great to see something different.