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My wireless rover, based on a Traxxas Stampede XL-5 and powered by a Raspberry pi, controlled over wifi.

An Adafruit 12bit, 16 channel PWM servo driver is used to control all of the servos, including steering and throttle.

The Traxxas XL-5 speed controller provides the LiPo cut off protection which activates when a single cell goes below 3.2 volts.

A miniature USB WiFi module is used for wireless communication. As of this posting, the rover hosts a python TCP server and a windows WPF application is used a as client.


For mounting all the electronics, I simply used another stampede chassis, mounted upside down.  The raspberry pi sits nicely where a battery would go.  The bonus part is it already has mounting for the servos and all the holes line up.

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The whine of PWMed motors drives me crazy. Have you tried reducing the PWM frequency to 100Hz or even less? To me a low rumble isn't nearly as bad as a high pitched squeal.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much better my Rover 5 robots behaved when I reduced the PWM to 100Hz.

I believe there are down sides to reducing the PWM frequency but they'd have to be pretty severe for me to go back to whining motors.

Yeah, that whine drives me crazy too.    In this case, it's all due to the Traxxas XL-5 ESC and motor combo.  I get the same sound when I'm using it with a normal RC remote.

I'm not 100% sure what the cause is of the sound, but my other speed controller and motor doesn't do it.

The truck you see in the background of the video uses a Castle Creations Sidewinder V3 and a 1410 3800kv 4poll brushless motor. This setup doesn't produce that annoying sound, even when I connect it to the robot.

I did try to play with the PWM frequency, but it's pretty low as it is, 60hz.

I think once I get everything finished with this project, I'll replace the speed controller and motor to a castle brushless setup, as they can be purchased for about 120 bucks.

Is the other truck also a stampede? Quite a cleanly made bot there

Yep, the other one is also a stampede.

Originally, I purchased the stampede to make this robot, but then I found out how much I enjoyed racing it around as a normal rc car.  So I  upgraded every single part (http://dhrstudios.com/ProjectStampede.html) of the truck until I ended up with two of them.

Pretty much the most backwards way to go about it, but oh well..

Is this going to be a livebot? I keep waiting for someone who lives with a cute young lady who likes to wear miniskirts to make a livebot so we can chase her around like Penny on "Big Bang Theory!"

I'll consider making a web interface so you folks can chase around a cute redhead.