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Geek (physics) joke I'm very proud of (on Star Wars day, but somehow not related....)

I was so amused with myself over this in retrospect (in the shower this morning) that I decided to go back and save it for everyone who wasn't lurking. It's a little physics one-liner for 3D Printer enthusiasts that mogul and jinx set me up for. (Remember, this is copied from the shout box, so read from the bottom up.)


TinHead: mo' printerz!

jinx: lol

Maxhirez: What's wrong with having two 3-D printers? You could print in up to six dimensions. Get four and you can print quantum strings!

jinx: plus there a part on the Y axis I want to add, plus am in no rush too finnsh the build so gonna save up for the ramps 1.4

jinx: failing that I'll give too mrs jinx to print her vases

jinx: the second gonna be club printer hopefully if i get off the ground

mogul: jinx you already have a printer, why another one?

jinx: well am be building prusa i2 number 2 later this week


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on 10:01 5/6/2013

was that a spock quote or perhaps Dr. McCoy?  I thought we were musing on Star Wars not Star Trek. lol

Doc McCoy would be like, "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not an engineer."

Spock: "Why do humans allow their emotions to reign unchecked? I fail to see the logic in your responce."

Star Wars, "The force is strong in that one."


—— but also notice that Ladvien said "farce" not "force".


The farce is strong in you, my son.

Well ... 

Im not an expert in physics .But I have heard That if you get matter and anti-matter collide you get energy-light .

So could what you say happen by doing the opposite thing with very strong lasers ? 

I m just throwing it its propably nonsense but this is what I can think now :P 

when the two collide, you get energy, only part of which is light.

You could theoretically build enough photonic energy to convert to matter, but remember that it takes a LOT of energy to make a very tiny amount of matter.


On the other hand, manipulating matter with light energy is a much more feasible prospect. [ http://www.spacemart.com/reports/Use_of_laser_light_yields_versatile_manipulation_of_a_quantum_bit_999.html ]


You'd get the reason why there are no EM waves with higher frequencies than Gamma Rays which is no nonsense at all.

So am I right or wrong , Im little confused with your answer ... :P

Don't forget to measure it's position and momentum, oh wait :P

I got it.

Actually, I was reading something awhile back, that someone proposed a way to measure both. I did not study it, though, to see if it was logical.


Aye, a small nozzle that allows out only one quanta at a time...  Oh, yes, and be sure to build in the possibility of entangling what comes from different printers.  That will help.

...hmmm.... thinking of having the printers print special dice a god could play with...



(For those who do not recognise it, that is from a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, when speaking of his thoughts on quantum physics. "As I have said so many times, God doesn't play dice with the world.")