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Any hardware shop for electronic or robotics near Hampi/India?

Hi you Indian fellows in LMR,

my friend is moving to Hampi/India next week and I am wondering if there is any way to buy robototic/electronic stuff offline in a local hardware shop? What is the closest shop...Goa, Bangalore? I know there is a hackerspace in Goa but still that's not exactly around the corner of Hampi.

Please let me know if you know something or let me know how you guys handle buying that stuff. maybe you could build up a community for shared order to save shipping costs if you are ordering from China or antother country.


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Great, even non Indians are contributing :-)

I hope that I can go to visit my friend in September and meet some of you guys in Bangalore or Goa...


All I could find was 1 eshop based at Hyderabad (http://www.digibay.in/)
and 2 based at Bangalore (http://probots.co.in/ and http://www.nskelectronics.com/)


P.S.: I haven't looked at the prices or the at if they ship to Hampi.
P.S.2: I have other eshop too, but they are based at Mumbai, Chennai, Noida

Shops in Chennai and Noida aren't going to be good. They'd take more time and money to ship to Hampi (or even to Hyderabad or Goa or Bangalore).

They should be there just as a backup.

I dont think you can get robot parts in Hampi but you can order from http://www.protocentral.com/ which is in Bangalore.Most of the robot shop are in Chennai and kerla.And also one more i got is http://www.tenettech.com/ from Banglore.

Thanks, i guess that's a good start for my friend over there. 

I feel that TenetTech is pretty costly. It just has a BeagleBone Black that's priced right.

Most of the parts are very costly in tenenttech they also cost shipping charge more than 150/- rupee.One more shop i got is http://www.rhydolabz.com/ which i think is price perfect and shipping charge is from 80/- rupee

Thanks Vishu, I'll let my friend know. He just have to make sure that they shipm to Hampi when ordering online. 


Neither I live in South India, nor have I ever been there, but what I do know about Hampi is that it is surrounded by Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai and while searching online, I've found all these places to have Robotics shops and many of them give their addresses online for anyone to visit them. However, most of them would prefer you to buy online (quite a few do, maybe 1 out of 2 as a general guess for all of India). However, I can not guarantee them shipping it to Hampi.