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Ice Tea machine with Robot Arm (R.A.1)


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Thank you Dan!!! I full the flask water with cold water and ice cube, but i agree with you that the machine can be improve.

That tea was so weak, the water must have been cold to start with, but for a demo, it was still pretty imprressive.

Since it specifically mentioned "Ice Tea" in the title, perhaps the robot arm should pick up an ice cube and drop it gently into the glass at the end. :-)

I can see that it could easily do that, considering its other manipulations.


Great job. Thanks for sharing it.

Thank you!! This is listening interesting but i don't understand exactly what do you need!!! Can you send me the blog?

Very nice! In a blog thread, some members were recently talking about making the robots here more useful-this is definitely a step in the right direction. I like my tea a little stronger than you do apparently. ;-)

Would you mind listing this as a "Robot Project" and giving us more background and build information on it?