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it avoids obstacles.navigates via IR
IMIM_1.bas1.05 KB

This is my first robot ever..

Its based on the Fritzl's start here bot.I got a lot of help from the other LMRians. thanks a lot to all who have helped me in making my first robot.

I had problems with my battery pack, which was always getting loose while coonecting with picaxe board.

I bought most of the parts from www.hobby2go.com and www.robokits.com. I

placed 1 LED to make it bit attractive dont know if its good to look,but its my design.it was a bit difficult for me to solder the headers to the board as it was my first time soldering,but it worked out pretty well. :).

i have attached the code.

These are the materials which i used-

1) PICAXE 28X1 microntroller

2)Picaxe 28 starter board

3) geared motor (2)

4) Battery pack for 4 battery nd rechargible battery

5) Sharp IR

6) Servo

7) Jumper wires

8) Heat shrink tubes(for sealing connections)

9) 330x8 resistor array

9) L293D Motor driver

10) Serial download cable

11) Tires

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LOL, welcome to LMR and congrats to your first robot. I like that blue shine too and like Dan already mentioned, we need videos...no video -> no standing ovations :-) 

I am not familiar with the Picaxe but the design of the robot is cool.

PS: What's IMIM standing for?

Il post the video soon.. IMIM- I made it myself(my friend's suggestion),did not get any good name so I stuck with it. Is it good??

my no name bot. :)

i like the smooth movement and the blue light.