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Persistence Of Vision (POV) Display


After struggling for days with multiple designs, I have come up with something showable (I doubt this word exists). I have not included automatic movement here. I am moving the leds with my hand. Modifications are on the way.

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Hello Junkster !

I'm always amazed by what you can do with very few things.

Can you give more details of how you did it ?

Is it just LEDS on a stick you're balancing by hand in the dark ?

There are similar versions of several things that i build. Sometimes i make things by combining existing ideas of others.

I soldered 10 leds on a stripboard's piece (the piece is in the shape of a strip). The arduino is programmed to turn ON all leds for 2 milli seconds. Then only the 5th and 6th are ON for the next 6 milliseconds. Again all go ON for next 2 milliseconds. This creates the letter H when leds are moved simultaneously. For spaces, all go OFF for 2 milliseconds. Finally, all are OFF for about 150 milliseconds. This is to give time for leds be come back at initial place. The time I have written may not be exact as i don't remember them properly. I have explained the procedure for "H". Similarly "HELLO" is created

I had several plans on moving the leds. First, i tried using an ungeared dc motor to produce oscillatory motion. Then the same with a geared motor.

Here, it is simply what u have guessed. The PCB attached on a piece of plastic (about 20cm long) moved by hand. I have tried continuous rotation for the leds. This seemes to be the best technique of the ones i tried. I have to make it a bit stable before it can be put up on the internet.