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my frist robot


iam intrested in making robots for about past six months, discussed lots of my ideas with my friends. after some time i felt iam just saying and not doing any thing ,so i planned to do a simple obstacle avoidance  robot. i named the bot chiti after the famous tamil movie "enthiran" by super star rajinikanth. this bot have two ultrasonic sensor in either corners of the front side controlled by arduino uno. it goes straight, if it finds obstaclce it avoids it by turning left or right or back accordingly.

after finishing this i thought to add control via android phone. i used rocket bot controller app, it packed with lots of features.i used only direction control feature.

the problem i felt is when want android control i miss obstacle avoidance and vice versa.

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Thats a nice robot base platform to do experiments on.

Good job.

it is your first robot, and better than all my bots. Good job man!

Am from India too... Could you tell me what out put does the output pin of ping give when if detects an obstacle.???? No like I if i connect a buzzer to the output pin will i be able to ON the buzzer when an obstacle is near by????


Ping just doesn't detect an obstacle like an IR proximity sensor ,it detects the distance between the obstacle and itself. The Ultrasonic sensor output gives a square pulse,having time period equivalent to the distance of the object in front of it. Use pulsein command to get the time in microseconds.

it produces square pulse of 8 cycles the sensor have the range less than 2m.i think your idea will work but for giving  buzzer in particular distance like object with in 20cm use microcontroller, other wise buzzer will sound for the object within range of the sensor.