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Cheaper mini-pager-motors for us NOW!

Guys.. We must be able to find these extremely agile motors cheaper somewhere:


(CowGod keeps burning them, and I am using all my doe on just buying more and more)

They are so cool - but it must be possible to get them cheaper!

Anyone with a friend in China or something?

Never mind the wheels, they are fair priced at Solarbotics, cheap at least - one can just buy 100 of these if needed. But the motors are an alternative to servos in many ways, and they are so small, light, strong, fast..love!

I want to make a horse in life-size, and 2 submarines - only made up by these - if I can get the right prize!


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I just received my order of micro servos from Hong Kong and dcided to do a little hacking.

Ndupont has posted a great set of instructions on mdifyng these for continuous rotation and is worth a read: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4873

There is aq simpler method -- remove the servo electronics and use it as a geared motor. The adavntages are that yo do not have the center point drift and that you do not need to add resistors. The disadvatage is that you do need a separate motor driver -- just like the geared pagers and 2 control lines.

Rather than repeat Nduponts tutorial, here are a few photos of the changes.

Follow Ndupont's instruction to open the case and remove the top gear. The top gear connects to the potetionmeter by a "D" slot in the gear and on the potentiometr shaft. 



Then unsolder the servo electronics from the motor and the cable.



Then solder 2 of the cable wires to the motor. Note, you may want to add a capacitor to the motor case and the third wire connected to ground to reduce noise.


Reassemble the servo per nDupont's instructs. 

Some thoughts: How you convert the servo is a personal preference. The micro servos are not as efficient as the mini geared pagers and use more current, but they are 1/3 the price.




Robotshop has them for $7.90... $7.49 if you get 20


I just bought 8  from a link n the US eBay site for the same price. Keep me posted on the conversion process.




I buy my Mystery 9g micro servo 15€ for 6,  shipping included, usually recieved within 2 weeks


which is excatly HALF the price of this one http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12859


I really recommend this seller, he's really reliable, cheap and fast   http://myworld.befr.ebay.be/go_market/ 

(he has tons of nice RC stuffs we can use for our robots)


my continuous rotation mod is here :


But that one is bigger, right?

you haven't by any chance done a continuous rotation modon these small ones as well?

not yet but... they are transparent

and the conception is identical


Bought these servos the other day.


They're ridiculously small, and I don't know if it's possible to mod them for continous rotation. But if they are, they are the cheapest geared pager motors I've found so far.

Actually, I couldn't be arsed to do the inches to cm calculation when I ordered them, so they are smaller than I hoped for, but, who's complaining? Here's a crappy phonecam pic. Yes, it's the dinky plastic square inside the jaw of my leatherman pliers


Oh, and BTW, my wife gave me that leatherman before we got married. Who has the best girlfriend ever, huh?

wow. ty for the reply, I've gotta try this!

Hey all, New to the site. :D

anywho, here it is again, http://www.hvwtech.com/products_view.asp?ProductID=699 same price as Solarbotics, but it might be cheaper on shipping for you overseas folks.

Maneuver, have you had a chance to try them out yet? Just curious.

 check http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1751


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"