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RTW-II @ Wolferion Mechatronics

Navigates autonomously, finds and identifies yellow bag, picks it up and brings back to owner.

Old version base:

Current version:

Electronics are inside yellow box, which will not be used in final version.
(Current weight ~10kg (1x 12V 5Ah inside box) )

"Hold" mechanism.

Wooden boards are used for reference at the moment.

Here is scheme of electronics. It is ~60% complete.

Eyes of the robot:

No images of electronics at the moment.
Sorry for no videos, I'll try to upload soon.

More information coming soon. Please feel free to comment!

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the tracs are bike chains?


is some kind of plastic tube split in half for traction?


CLEVER IDEA! Great job...

Yes, it's bike chain with half-split plastic tubes bolted on it.
However this concept has one drawback - small roller wheels tend to "fall" into gaps between two tubes and as result it is vibrating when riding on hard surface, such as concrete!

However I came up with solution:

Im going to attach aluminum plates to round side of tubes in order to minimize gap size by 91%, then wheels will move smoothly!

Basic concept was done before:

Also It had too much sideways traction when the robot was rotating around so I thounght about rounding "hard" edges.