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official arduino robot

I don't know whether I've been under a rock or something but I was surprised to learn about an offical arduino robot.

I also didn't realise we were up to arduino 1.0.5 now and the robot library is included.
Well for all you people who were ignorant like me, now you know.

; D

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Still, I got one and I like mine. I would rather if Aruino spent more time on the sofware on their website...

I did put a review of it up here. (Maybe I am  just a glutton for punishment. :-)

A maker who got to go to the big Faire this weekend said they were running about $275. I won't be getting one any time soon!

If that price is accurate then I think Arduino is trying to copy Nike and make you pay top dollar just because it has their name on it. Especially if it doesn't include encoders. That's virtually a minimum requirement these days.

They have just released it :) Seems like they want their share of the robot market. They have written lots of documentation about the kit, it's all on the website. It has 2 ATmega32U4 micro controllers, will probably not be cheap...

dp sorry

I was surprised the robot didn't have encoders and it probably will be expensive compared to other options. Maybe the chinese will take the files and flood the market with cheaper versions though like they did with arduino boards.