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4wd Drill powered remote controled robot


After 3 years of trying into control amp eater motor cc ccw i have finaly reach my goal (after some fails)

Here my project for an remote operated robot that will be used in airsoft , the basic part is complete , it miss him the body , may be an arm and light airsoft bb gun .

It is controled by a custome made remote in 433mhz (whith cheap emeter reciver for the moment ) with arduio mega for the remote side. full pwm control on the motor

It used 4 12v corldless drill (12€ each) 550 rpm max with stroller wheels and a lifepo4 battery (no more risk of explosio as lipo but less power) and 4 custome made motor controler.

Edit 22/05/13

Today after work i have bought the wood for the body , here the pictures

Edit 24/05/13:

Camera, weapon installed and fonctional as you can see in the new video (the beigining noise is the shooting of the arisoft gun)

now it will be time for some mastic and painting :)



Edit 29/05/13

Paint and mastic done , it only miss the battery hatch and outdoor testing :)


Edit 03/06/14

Little problems after outdoor testings yesterday :( :

As motor run cc and ccw when ccw they tend to let the whells off the drill tip and the bolt from the whells unswrew too, i should remove the drill tip and fix the whells directly and found a way to block them and maybe hack thr motors for constant output (if i cannoy resolve thoses problems i think i will use 2 car whiper motors  and custom tracks for a tank look 


Edit 06/06/13

New video, drill tip removed, torque limiter too ,25a car fuses added by motor controler (if the motors gets struck) and now whells are  bolted to the motor and they dont unscrew , i still have to test it outside to see if it turn without problems (maybe this weekend at my airsoft feild)


Edit 07/06/13

Battery voltage sensor added (2 diodes and 1 wire to analog A1) to verify if there is enough power left (manual checking made by pressing one switch on the remote , if too low , cut everything even the fan except the buzzer to help find it )


Edit 03/08/13:

New video

Today i have took the time to test it ourdoor at city park (100 meter from my house xd); work good but i haven't used the good screws for the torque hack (ordered today 20 m5x8mm as my local store dont have them :( ) so they unscrew when used . I have took a video and yes it can climb long stairs :p

Edit 08.08.13

New video

As i'm on holyday this week , i spent some time on this project : i'm working on a new remote witch as proportional speed control ( and use ony 2 input for the up/down/left/right/stop instead of 7 microswitch ) with 2 pot, but for now it just one at the time, one should be kept at neutral (need to add more programing to be able to go straigt and turn a bit in the same time by made turn one side slower than the other)

Edit 11/08/13

New vidéo

I have got the screws yesterday to the constant torque output and i have worked on suspension system (i use the springs of the torque limiter because it's free xd) in order to get the best wheel traction . I can't wait to test it offroad :p

Edit 28/03/14

The Project still alive

Now with 3d printed drill mount and short lenght to get better driving

here one of the last video:


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i like the ida of using cordless drills as moters for robotics, i have tought about the same idea myself. if you where to put load on it, how much do you think the motors would be able to pull? if the strenght of the robot body was not an issue.




I have tried with my a&k m249 airsoft replica for the weight test and it makes the motor slow down too much when turn so don't add 6 more kg or you should use some gear reduction before linking the tires  for higher torque .

A other kind of motor you can use is the car whiper motor , they gives high torque output (i have used drill one for this project because the price , if it has been possible i have used 2 or 4 whiper motors as i have already one in my stuff )

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Thanks :)

Thanks , i have chage the seize too for 800x600 for faster loading  and  now it works :)

I'd be interested in hearing more about what it took to get the drill motors working the way you wanted.

I'd be interested in hearing more about what it took to get the drill motors working the way you wanted.

To make them work as i wanted, just a simple hack in removing the torque limiter like on this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho8SUMAzEgY + a driling in the shaft to keept the wheel in place with a screw and for the motor drivers it was made from files found on the net, handle somthing like 30 amp max (25amp fuse install for safety), and the better thing to make it work well was to make it a cube.

It still waiting his outdoor use :p