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DXY Robot

Planning , Mapping, Learning

This my first robot ;)  and I am working in finishing it this summer.



My main goal is making an intelligent automated robot.

Main Specifications:

4x GHM-12 DC Motors

4X 4" Mecanum Wheels (More DOF)

Arduino Mega 2560 + Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.3

7 X Ultrasonic Sensors

I just started this project today and I will need some time to post more information about this project. Hopefully, I will be done putting all parts together next week. Also, It seems that I will have to install encoders because the rotation speed of all wheels is not the same.

I will be glad to get some suggestions about encoders.

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a costly but very nice first robot..... i like to know what os your using in that arm processor and how you installed it?


Not really costly (less than $500) and I installed Ubuntu on SD Card.