Let's Make Robots!

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Reo's picture

Great stuff, man!
Hey, you live in Guwahati right? I too live there! Prehaps I can visit you sometime! I would like to meet a great mind like you! :)

Junkster's picture

it would b great 2 meet u. let me know more about your whereabouts.

Gareth's picture

Outstanding..... nice reworking of the drive mech.....and a good scann result..... I want one ...

Junkster's picture

you will easily be able to build one for yourself. Thanks again

Junkster's picture

waiting to see your version of it. Must be outstanding anyway........

Paul's picture
Creative ... :)
Junkster's picture

again, thank U

That is so cool!  I would never have guessed you could get such good resolution with just an LDR.

I wonder what would happen if you used another servo which would alternate colored plastic for red, blue and green in front of the LED for each color on the CD player LED if you could with a bit of playing get it to work as a color scanner?  The theory is good anyways.

Junkster's picture

i thought of adding colour sensor. But, in a different way, using an RGB led/or a 3 LDR technique once used by Dipanjan. Thanks anyway. Can't guarantee that i will implement as i am currently more interested in another project.

viswesh713's picture

 how do you configured UART port pins to interface with  PC ?