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RoboEm AVR Robot



I built a small robot, then the following I will present the main units. Here you will find a photo infrared receiver, a remote control for a DVD player távvezérlőjável done.

Line folowing control. The comparator circuit whose inputs are connected to the IR receiver diodes.


In the center of the IR transmitter diode, the two edges of the receiver diodes are visible.


The robot is equipped with sound and light sensor.


The sound detection microphone, and the light was used LDR resistance.

The robot is equipped with motion sensors collision, no room to move back and forth or objects
and collision avoidance. Infrared sensor transmitter and receiver front and rear detection is the key.



Infra senzor - TSOP receiver, IR-LED transmitter.

The robot in this project I would like to finish off the final version, longer
I will not build you improve the existing ones, as well as decorations
I do it all using expressive. Now an old application
I will present this. The final version is that I installed onto a
third panel, which includes decorative items. Sound and light effects on
for, says it has no robot language which is actually who he is and
what are the internal structure, as well as what it is appropriate in this
current task. The sounds of a player panel provides the extra light
microcontroller together to drive the LEDs. The visual effects not only
in the mouth, but the eyes as well as photos and this operation
video made during the show as well. Separate power supply and audio amplifier panel
panel also included. The lighting effects are towards the bottom of the rubberized wheels
towards it is visible. The sound effects are not only text, which English and
manifested in sound, but in a robot-like voice, and this idiom
produces even during operation.
The specific application was built on a DVD remote control, which has been used in
also showed. Shift during sound and light effects of the four basic directions
accompanies it. Which reduces the LED units and the circuit is relatively higher
burn current demand and therefore no longer sufficient for the settler solution
possible to use rechargeable batteries in the future, but for now the only
provides the corresponding power supply.


Top view of the third panel mounted .


Front view, eyes , and mouth equipped .


TDA2822M the audio panel type amplifier.


Bottom view of the effect of light -producing LED diodes .


The robot 's mouth , which is controlled by the microcontroller ATTINY85 a sound pace .


ATTINY85 panel microcontroller , which controls the LEDs flashing .

The RGB LED diodes made of the robot 's eyes , each one carries a special drive transistor stage .


The rear speaker is suitable for audio.


Power supply, voltage regulator circuit .

Last video: Robotic voice speaking robot. In the following, this has been finalized
robot voice , real voice sound like a robot and tells us
features and enhancements being applied.


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wow! that must have taken too much time

good job

Holy frog, that's a nice one. I like the almost overloaded chassis, i guess i still have the same one at home. Well done and welcome to LMR or to your first robot project here.

You definitely made good use of the space available!