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Ferrero Rocket

Navigate around via ultrasound

So I have had this little guy for quite some time now and have reached the point where I need to pull his guts out and use them in another project. However before doing so I thought I would document him here as a memorial for all the great times we have had together.

The 'Ferrero Rocket' gets his name from the Ferrero Rocher box he was created from and the speedyness he had thanks to his tamiya twin gearbox.

*warning - all the pictures were taken on my phone*








The box shown to the left is where it all started. Browsing through the cupboard one day I saw these delicious chocolates and the awesome box they came in. I was unable to contain my curiousity of using the box for a robot and removed all the choclates immediatly and ran to my room with the new find.








The twin tamiya gearbox shown right. It was an impulse buy at the local hobby shop as I had seen it being used for robot projects before. However after using it I can say that the motors are pretty damn terrible. Someone mentioned it to me before I forget who it was. But to whoever it was, I now know what you mean. The motors are sooooo inefficient, they drained the battery like a kid drinking a milkshake. The gearbox itself is pretty good however and with a change of motors, it would be all in all a pretty great thing.






The actual construction process wasn't too difficult. I knew where I wanted things to go, and I had all the right parts. The only thing I found difficult with the box is that it was very brittle. Drilling holes for the HC-SR04 was a slow process, and that still wasn't enough to prevent cracking to occur. 


Here you can see the little guy assembled. His guts fit very neatly inside. The internals are an Arduino Uno with a Prototyping shield, 9V battery for the Arduino and 4.8V for the motors (in the background). On top of the mini breadboard is the L293D motor driver IC which I have been using a lot lately.

There isn't much else to say really. He has taken a fair few knocks from my little sister and has even suffered from a few attempted suicides. But we stuck togehter and it all worked out good in the end. He succesfully served his puprose and must now move on.





Now one thing I forgot to mention is that I had a lot of spare crappy insulation tape that I had no idea what to do with. To prevent someone cutting themsleves on the cracks in the plastic I thought it might be a good idea to cover them up with the tape, and so this 'aswesome paint job' was born.










































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You can make the program so the robot going to do like a cat, dog, …

did you end up changing the motors in the end and if not how did you get away with using the 4.8 volt battery because i have the same gearbox and correct me if im wrong they are 3 volt motors, also good job on the ingenuity 

Nope they are the same motors.

Two reasons it works:

  1. The motor driver chip drops the input voltage by about 1V
  2. Motors aren't too strict on the input volts you give them, a few under or over generally is all good.

ok thank you


I myself also contemplated the use of the ferrero roche box as a robot  chassis, bust instead I use it to store AA batteries :P and other stuff.


Personally I think you should have skipped the tapping, it looks cooler with the see through effect, you would just need to mask the cuts make for the sonar piece and the rest should have been clear-seethrough. But if indeed you ended up with lots of cracks on it... then it isn't as pretty, so it's ok the use of tape.


Also you should send me the chocolates, otherwise they'll spoil out of the box :/ I'm also available to take further chocolates out of your hands whenever you need to use more boxes for robotics :P