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Is this circuit correct??


I have made a Picaxe 28 board circuit. i dont know if its correct please help me correct it.i made this circuit using DesignSpark PCB. This is my first time making a circuit board.I would also like to buil this PCB myself. I have refferd to some tutorials on making homemade pcbs but am confused ,in some they say dont use sand paper while in others use sand paper nd all Am really confused. can anyone plz suggest me a good tutorial.This is my circuit-

IMIM board 


The thin yellow lines are the ones which i will connect on back of the board using wires so that i wont need to make a second layer.. nd i would like to place i2c chip to it,but thats nt important.. 


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am not sure if i have connected the V2+ line correctly..


I didn't use any schematics. I jst saw a sample PICAXE 28 pcb design from picaxe website and modified it. But in the sample pcb there is no second power supply connection so am not sure if my connection is correct. I will post a better pic.. Sorry