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Maker Faire - Editors Choice - Cheapduino

Maker Faire in San Franzisco. I could not be there but still got something on my desk this morning. 

Yeah, that's the Maker Faire Editor's Choice banner, given for the DFRobot's Cheapduino and signed by Andrew

That's the size of the Cheapduino

That's my desk where we took the pictures for the promotion of the Cheapduino. The project you see is a touch sensor. Tapping once turn the LED on or off, touching it for loing time changes the color of the RBG LED. The board in the background is just the voltage regulator.

Link to the Cheapduino product page with description

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Hi, newbie here!

Is that possible to connect this Cheapduino to Xbee module?

I need very small, wireless, autonomous gadget which will send data once per 5 minutes to PC.

Is that possible to achieve my goal with this little device?


Hi cyberpunk. Yes it should be possible. On the bottom of the Cheapduino are two small pads for TX and RX, so you can connect the XBee with the cheapduino. XBee is running 3.3V and you can power the Cheapduino with that 3.3V as well.


On the bottom of the Cheapduino are two small pads marked with TX and RX. Yes, they are the pads for TX and RX, so you can have a nice serial connection with the Cheapduino. See below picture: