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Navigate autonomous via ultrasound
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Autonomous_Robot_Beta.pde2.38 KB

I added the Arduino Sketch to the attachements, feel free to download and use it. Please let me know if you have some suggestions!

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How well do the servo wheels work as an idler-wheel?

Thnx, the wheels work very well! I removed the rubber "tire" from the wheel, and it fits right in the tracks. The orange wheels on the front are adjustable, so the tracks always fit. Note that the servo's are not mounted in the same way as the boe-bot. I flipped them 180 degrees so the rotating part where the big wheel is mounted on moved the the back of the bot.

Can I have more details on the build and probably a video of it in action?

What kind of details do you want? I will make a video of the bot this weekend and i share the link over here.