Let's Make Robots!

Friend E


This is my entry for the Office Gadget Challenge. I based my design on Burn-E from the movie Wall-E.

First design stages of the robot i would like to make.

The base of the robot is a metal project box, in the box there is going to be :

- Arduino Due

- Breadboard

- Battery's

-Servo for turning the robot.

The robot will be keeping you company on your alone-at-work days. The led's that will be in the robot are "mood colors" that you can set the brightnes and color using potentiometers. The robot will be able to give the pen (you just need) to you when you need it. Maybe the robot also could put on some music for you.

This is the parts list of the things i need for this robot :

  1-42mm stepper motor, 36Ncm 0.9deg. 2.8V    535-0388

2-Single Row Shld 17mm ID 619-0389

1-Servo Module 758-9364

1-USB Micro cable 758-9342

1-1P 0-1 high inrush current rocker switch 278-9733

5-36w pin header gold flash 11.6mm pin 674-2312

4-Micro Servo Module 758-9355

1-Proto shield extension Arduino MEGA Rev   769-7399

1-Arduino - Getting started, Ed.2 758-9323

1-Miniature speaker 4ohm 2W 40x28mm 756-4624

1-DC sealed sleeve axial fan 40x10mm 12Vdc 668-8808

1-Inline Terminal Encl L150xW150xH80mm 122-103

2-3315 Series Encoder,9x9mm,Side Adj,16PPR 692-8468

10-WR-PHD Jumper with test point 763-6776


2-Four cell AA PCB mount battery holder 611-9605

10-Green diffused LED,L813GD 25mA813GD 25mA 590-187

10-Red diffused LED,L813SRD-D 20mA 10mm 228-5900

1-Arduino Due 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 module 769-7412

Goods total£187.20
Grand total£224.64


I find this a nice contest, and may the best win.