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Rover 5 with PIC 16f887 using mikroC and OSA RTOS

Navigate around via ultrasonic and create a map

Robotic Operation Unit with Learning envIroment System ( ROULIS ).

this is my first Rover 5 Autonomous Robot with PIC 16F887 using mikroC and OSA RTOS.The idea is that the robot will scan my appartment and create and store a map of it in internal eeprom.im using an ultrasonic sensor for that mounted on a servo.there are only 3 possible direction (yet) servo can turn (forward,left,right).all scanner readings update the map by reference to his position.

Features & Errors
1. RF Communication with my PC using 2 RF-Link pairs (434Mhz & 315Mhz) (Working on it)
2. Dynamic Wavefront mapping algorithm.(working on it )
3 Some minor fixes with movement (Encoder disk read-errors)
4. 16f887 internal eeprom can holds up to 180 square meters ( Done )
5. More to come...



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i have the same rover5 with you.i make 2 pairs of motor (left side & right side).now all motor pull about 0.8A but they sacrifice speed (speed in video is maximum speed). L293 getting a little bit hot but its not too much

Don't you have any problems with the L293's? I have a Rover 5 with 4 motors, each motor pulls about 1.5A at full PWM (powered from a 2S lipo). That well over the limit of an L293.

i had set a "minimun distance" of 15cm. when robot find an object closer than this distance it will stop and make one scan to left and one to right.comparing this 2 reading it will turn 90 degrees (need to fix encoder readings...) on the side with the bigger reading. it will do it well some times but a lot of them it is confused and looks like idiot :D. i had order a 9DOF sensor and i hope i solve all this problems...

ty for your suggestion

Pretty cool. It almost looked to me like the program could be altered a little, to allow the robot a closer approach to objects. That would cut down on the time sitting in the center and spinning around looking for a direction to go.  It can still be set to a distance where it will not run into anything, just cut down the "safe distance" a little.

Just a suggestion.