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Banana Robotics Grand Opening


Our family has been tinkering around with robots for more than a decade and we decided it was time to share our experience and enthusiasm by starting Banana Robotics.

Banana Robotics is an online shop specializing in parts for your robot. Our small but expanding inventory includes popular items such as genuine Arduino microcontrollers and the Pololu 3pi Robot. We are located in the Santa Cruz Mountains surrounded by great redwood forests. With Silicon Valley just over the hill, we have spent our lives working with the very latest technology. We believe there is a robot in everyone's future and our goal is to assist and inspire the genius in every robot inventor.

We will be adding new items, features and content continuously so that we can best serve the community.

To show our appreciation for this GREAT community, we are posting this 10% off coupon for all LMR visitors and contributors.

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A supplier in FLA called Jayconn has free shipping on everything over $10. It has convinced me to buy parts from them over other suppliers or at times when I normally wouldn't have.

We will try free shipping to USA orders over $10 for a limited time to see how it works out. No coupon code needed. This offer will expire Aug 31st 2013.

If I need anything by then I'll definitely look your inventory over!

I think free shipping on orders over $50 is going to be very good for business. I've been trying to talk the Sparkfun guys into it for a LONG time. Pretty good prices on parts too by the way. I'll have to try you guys out. Good luck.