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Tracked Plateform Robot

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Hello everybody,

I'm present to you my last robot, he is still under work, and i'd update this topic when i finish a part of this robot and add some pics of my job.


Actually i have or i've make :

- A part of the frame (1.25mm Steel)


- Engines, drills motors, 15 N.m 12V 2A (6A crete)


- 5mm axis for the motors/tracks (Pic comming soon)

- Supports of engines (Pic comming soon)

- Nuts and steels bolts

- All of mechanical tracked parts (Full steel 16 gears and 4 chains)

 The size of one gear : ~ 8 cm.


 Size of one link from the chain : ~1 cm.















In ordered :


To buy :

- Electronics parts

- Larges steel plates (for cover my frame)

- Little steel plates (to make the tracks)

- Screws and nuts for the tracks



My work :



For reason, when i've decid to place my motor, i've realized that the frame was too small, so, i've decide to cut a part of the frame, and i've added two pieces of steel to renforce this part of the frame.

 Now i've receive my tracks parts, i need to buy a 10mm axe to link the motor to the gear.

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So far, it looks great!

Thank's, today, i've finish the welds of this part of frame, and i've ordered the all of tracked part !


The frame looks good!! What welding technique did you use? MIG/MAG, MMA or TIG?



Hi Jr, and thanks a lot!

I use arc welding (i'm not sure if the translation is good) to make my frame ;)

The others techniques cost to much for me, i'm only a student x)

hello , if it can help you , on my 4wd drill powered robot i have used 4 motor drivers that i build thanks to this site


it cost me about 20 euros to get the pieces for 5 and about 1 hours (per controler )to build them from dot prototyping board 

if you make the constant output mod for the drill think about some fuses :p (i have installed them after burned some part of one controler)


Thanks, but i have already make my motor controler, with double relay(s), and i've see what is the components who was used in your link, and they take only 22A and -23A, they are a bit weak. I've in my lab a lot of MOSFET who can take 140A (IRF3808).

So, thank you anyway ;)


I am building a simillar tracked UGV. I will post some pictures soon.